Musically Likes From Live Concerts.

News 06:03 March 2024:

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Live concerts provide a great avenue for musicians and artists to meet and interact with their followers. On the artist’s mind, it is a way to ascertain in the musically likes generated on the website and social media platforms is being translated on the ground or was just a by the way. If a song has a million views on the website and social media but a small turnout at the actual concert,  it is a pointer to the artist that the marketing strategy is not working or requires other approaches to make it work. It is a worry on the artist as social media likes are free but get paid for concerts.

As a new artist, take the opportunity at every event to meet your fans before and after the concert. Use the opportunity to sell your brand and put your best foot forward. Distribute free t-shirts, caps and any merchandise with your branding to help you sell out more out there hence increasing your musically likes.If you interact with the veterans at the event you in attendance too. Request them to help market and promote your music.