How to make hay while the sun still shines

News 09:10 October 2023:

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If there is one thing you need to know is that Snapchat is here to stay.  What most people fail to understand or comprehend is that each given day million of users are glued to Snapchat.  This makes a large number if you care to check that Snapchat has only been in the market for only a few years.  People also enjoy the platform because nothing is permanent.  Once your Snapchat followers get to see the video or view the photos everything is deleted.  Not even the administrators are able to bring such photos back in an operation.   Such must be the reason why the number of users continues to increase every single day.

Which other platform allows you to doodle your photos or add whatever captions you wish online?  Currently none I know of.  The younger generation is quite creative and when given a chance they can create very interesting photos and captions, they can choose to be who they want on Snapchat.   In fact such is what makes Snapchat a very competitive platform.  Users are always looking for something captivating to glue their Snapchat followers all through short period provided.  The secret to increase your Snapchat followers over an interesting caption is to first post it in other platforms there it will not be deleted as fast as in Snapchat.f1

The Don’ts of Snapchat Followers

Snapchat is the new kid on the block andeveryone wants a piece of it. People are joining Snapchat at a very high rate. The interest and the storms that this platform has created in thesocial media world is huge. So many people are constantly recording videos to post on this platform. It has become the new mode of communication as it gives people the chance to tell others of what they are doing and even show them in real time through the use of videos.

Just like on any other social media platform, getting Snapchat followers is the priority of each and every person that joins this platform. What is the point of having a budding profile if there are no followers to appreciate your content, right? Well, the truth is that the importance of followers on any social media platform cannot be ignored. It is imperative that one knows the right ways to attract and retain these followers. In these regards are listed the don’ts of snapchat; these are the things that will make followers run away from you as opposed to towards you.

  • Do not be Monotonous

Nobodywants to know your daily routine. Do not be those people who keep on posting videos of every single activity that takes place in their lives all day every day. People are looking to get entertained and be informed, they are not looking to get deep into your life. Do not keep on posting content about what is happening in your day to day lives, people will simply get bored and will unfollow you and go as far as telling others no to follow you.f2

  • Do not be irrelevant

Know the audience that is already following you and the one that you are targeting to follow you. It is important for you to know the kind of content that appeals to this particular audience. Post things that they can relate to and that will pick their interest; for this to happen, the content that is being posted has to be relevant to that particular audience. Otherwise, you will not be getting any followers.

  • Do not be obscene

We all know that sex does sell in the world that we live in today. Many of the people in the showbiz industry have actually discovered this and are using it to make so much money for themselves. It is however important for you to understand that your Snapchat age is not part of the showbiz industry. You are not selling yourself but are just using the platform to communicate and interact with people. Do not be obscene on your profile. You should be particularly careful in the event that you are dealing with a mature audience; people will unfollow you so fast that you head will be left spinning.

  • Do not be annoying

Have you ever met the kind of people who keep on poking you just to tell you nothing important? It is annoying, isn’t it? Well, do not be this person on snapchat. Do not be that person who isalways posting irrelevant, obscene and boring videos on snapchat every few minutes. People do not want their phones to be beeping every few minutes with notifications from Snapchat just to get that it is you posting all those annoying videos; they will unfollow you instantly!

  • Do not waste people’s time

Remember that people actually have lives that they live; their lives are not on Snapchat, they have other things that they should be doing. They do not have the time to waste watching your thirty minute irrelevant videos on snapchat. Make sure that your videos are short and concise; let them send a direct message and not waste people’s time.

Snapchat is a social media platform, yes, it used for interaction, communication and entertainment; these are all facts that cannot be denied. This does not however mean that one can just misbehave as they want to on this platform. Remember that it is used by everyday human beings just like you and certain standard of behavior; though unwritten, thus becomes apparent. To get those free Snapchat followers in huge numbers, make sure that you do behave yourself appropriately on the platform.